Testimonials from satisfied users of Pepop’s Handtied Jigs


I have a box of beautiful jigs from Vernon that work fantastic on Palestine.

Vernon has great customer service as well and if I ever get low he is only a fifteen minute drive up the lake from me. He has them ready usually the next day or two.

If you haven’t given them a try, you should!

Martin Klein

Crappie Caught with Pepop Jigs

I had Pepop make me some customs a while back orange head orange body and chart tails ….1/16 number 6 ballhead.

They are priced to sell and are good quality as well.

I recently reordered another batch of the same, why would I order more? Its pretty easy…


Mark (Ketchn)

Crappie caught by ketchn using Pepop Jigs

Vern’s jigs are great. I promise you can’t go wrong with them. They are my go to baits.

I can’t tell you how many fish they have put in my boat.

Not only that but Vern’ s a hell of a guy!

Jason Burton(Jason Burton Guide Service)

Jason T

WOW!!! Pepop sure ties good jigs!!

They even catch them slabs….

Roy Brown (Mayor of Berryville, Texas)