For these Elite jig’s I use a Walleye or Round Pill jig head, with recessed eye socket’s or a Standard ball jig head without eye socket’s. Regardless of head style, all Elite jig’s are powder coated with up to 3 colors and heat cured.

Because of the time & labor involved in creating my Elite Jig’s and the additional cost for the “Special Purchase” body material, they come 3 to a package and sell for $5.25 per package.

Blue Blazes

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Blue Blazes Handtied Crappie JIg
Crystal Blue Crystal Blue handtied crappie jig
Flame handtied crappie jig Flame
Orange Julius handtied crappie jig
Pink Passion handtied crappie jig Pink Passion
Pink Snowball Opal handtied crappie jig
Pink Truse handtied crappie jig
Ruby Slipper handtied crappie jig Ruby Slipper
Summer Heat Metalique Summer Heat Metalique Handtied Crappie Jig
Summer Heat Opal handtied crappie jig Summer Heat Opal
The Guy handtied crappie jigs
The Red Head Guy

The Red Head Guy Handtied Crappie Jig

The Red Head Guy

Wizard Metalique Wizard Metalique
Wizard Opal handtied crappie jig Wizard Opal