All Pepop’s Handtied Crappie Jig’s are tied using the highest quality materials and every pattern I tie is available in all 3 types. For these Premium Jig’s I use a jighead with flat or recessed eye sockets and there are several profiles available for the Premium Jig’s. Like the Standard Jig, the Premium Jig’s are Powder Coated with up to 3 Color’s and are Heat Cured. I then add a pair of 3D Holographic Eyes and seal them with 3 Coats of Sally Henson’s Hard as Nails.

Because of the time & labor involved in creating my Premium Jig’s, they come 4 to a package and sell for $5 per package.



Lake Palestine Special Lake Palestine Special Handtied Crappie Jig
Lemon Lightening Lemon Lightening Handtied Crappie Jig
Lemon Lights Lemon Lights Handtied Crappie Jig
Lime Lights
Pink Snowball

Powder Puff


Purple Mist Purple Mist Handtied Crappie Jig
Purple Passion
Rosy Red Minnow Rosy Red Minnow Handtied Jig
Silver Truse Silver Truse Handtied Crappie Jig
Strawberry Limeade Strawberry Limeade Handtied Crappie Jig
Toledo Bend Prime Toledo Bend Prime Handtied Crappie Jig
Toledo Bend Special Toledo Bend Special Handtied Crappie Jig
Wizard 2 Wizard 2 Handtied Crappie Jig
Yeller Gold Yeller Gold Handtied  Crappie Jig